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Upgrade to PHP5

BooHoo! I guess I will have my work cut out for me! I just got the support ticket from WebQuarry answered, and they said: It

Scuse’ The Mess!

I want to apologize for the unreadable state of most of the site right now. For some reason, my php includes are not working, and

Busy, Busy & More Busy.

Hello all! Time for a quick update as to what is going on with Lori! I have been so busy the past couple of months

Freelancing Tips

Freelancing Tips

I was reading one of the mailing lists I am a member of the other day, and some questions came up about Freelancing. Some were

Give Credit Where it is Due…

This post follows right in line with yesterdays… I was thinking about going on a benefit ride with my husband this weekend, and thought that

Time Waster: Holiday Lights

I was going through Digg this morning, reading and digging away, and came across a really cool site that I thought I would blog about.