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My Freelance Tips In Spanish – But With No Permission

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It is flattering that someone would rewrite my Freelancing Tips in Spanish for those who speak the language, but I don’t find it something that is ok to do without asking permission from me – or even just asks me to repost in a translated version that THEY provide to me.

My tips are a very popular page on my site, and even have shared them on the web already when permission was requested, and proper credit was given so I guess that is why I wanted to post this:

DATE FOUND: March 4th 2008
OWNER: Hernan Davos


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  1. Hernan Davos

    Ya retiré el post en cuestión de mi blog. Te pido que tu hagas lo mismo, que retires el post donde me nombras y donde pones un screenshot de mi blog.



  2. Lori

    Hernan (aka Mariano),

    You have republished my work on your blog yet again, so I will not be removing the screen shot of my copyrighted article being posted on your site. Please remove my article from your site (again).

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