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Creating a clean, effective web presence takes well-planned design integrated with current technology and an ethos of creative brilliance to bind it all together.

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Responsive Websites
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Efficient & Creative Websites

Efficient & Creative Websites

Responsive Website Design

For years, “Zenful Creations” were developed with handwritten, validated code that was clean and light ensuring the quickest download times no matter who your users are. Now, I choose WordPress to manage the content of the websites I build so that I can better teach my clients to maintain their own sites.

Future Proof Web Development

Design it right the first time and re-align it for years to come. I utilize the current web standards in my designs to assure your web presence is responsive.

Design Resources

Design Resources

A few links to design resources I have found helpful to me. There are some great articles on freelance web design, design worksheets, as well as some great CSS/XHTML links.

Website Design Contract

Website Maintenance Agreement

Stock Photo List

Malware Removal Guides

For a very long time, I assisted people who had problems with their computers. Most of the time, the issue was related to Spyware or Viruses. Since I so often went through the same process each time, I created pages and pointed friends there.

Spyware Tools

How to use Hijack This

PC Maintenance Tips and How-to’s

Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

Today, before someone will buy from you, it is almost certain that they will attempt to research your name on the internet. What happens if you are not there? Or worse, what happens if someone has written something negative about you online? You need a place to tell your story.

Let your story begin here.

Online Word-of-Mouth

Word-of-Mouth marketing is one of the oldest most pure forms of marketing, period. Having someone speak about you online, where information is freely passed could be your golden ticket or your ultimate demise.

I educate YOU how to evangelize yourself!

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