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2020 Changed the Future of Work

Shopify | ‘Digital by default & remote first’Microsoft | ‘Employees can work from home forever’Twitter | Also…’Employees can work from home foreverPinterest | ‘$90 million

Make A Smart Website

How to Make Your Website’s Design Shine

What makes a website’s design successful? According to design experts, there are five keys to effective website design. These tips will help ensure that your website attracts visitors, encourages them to browse and — if you’re selling — entices customers to buy.

Christmas Theme Design

Sharing Christmas Spirit With Your Website

If you have created your site the RIGHT way, it is simple to spread some Christmas Cheer with a few color tweaks in your style sheet and the addition of a festive photo, and still maintain a professional look and feel.

Christmas Money Blogging

Making Extra Money for the Holiday Season

I DO have blogs (that I hardly write in, shame shame) that I could be pumping out musings on and would possibly see a Google check in the mail. I could write for others. Hey, now that was an idea.

Naked Website Design

Zenful Creations Gets Naked!

The purpose of CSS Naked Day, which was created by Dustin Diaz in 2006, is to promote Web Standards. It shows off those who work hard enough to code our sites properly, using valid (x)html, semantic markup, a good hierarchy structure.

Content Theft

Another Plagiarizer – Content Thieves

To reproduce or otherwise use (the words, ideas, or other work of another) as one’s own or without attribution. 2. To plagiarize the words, ideas, or work of (another person). v.intr. To present another’s words or ideas as one’s own or without attribution.