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2020 Changed the Future of Work

Shopify | ‘Digital by default & remote first’
Microsoft | ‘Employees can work from home forever’
Twitter | Also…’Employees can work from home forever
Pinterest | ‘$90 million dollars to get out of the office’
Salesforce | ‘Employees have the option of working from home through at least August 2021’
Slack | ‘Employees have the option to work from home permanently’

Everything has shifted. If the world’s biggest workforces can go fully remote we all can.

It seems the ‘full-remote’ is wearing off though. 2/3 or 3/2 for me. I say 2 in the office, 3 out of it. Mixture of home, cafes, the park, back of a van etc..

What is your perfect mix of office and WFH?

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