Design Portfolio: Full Project Listing

Below you will find a long list of projects, organized by year, that I have either done a full-scale website or maybe just PSD template… there are custom WordPress themes to just the programming, and often customization. You will find web maintenance projects, landing pages, and brand identity. I really have been doing this for quite a while, and this is an exhaustive list of my experience.

Zenful Creations Work 2023

Meizon Foundation – (Full Scale Digital Strategy) Enterprise Digital Architecture: WordPress Website, full digital framework with social support; leverage back data, repaired footprint

Zenful Creations Work 2022

  • A & L Interpreters – (WordPress assistance, startup; archived)
  • American Legion Ringgold, GA – Enterprise Digital Architecture: WordPress Website, full digital framework with social support; leverage back data, repaired footprint
  • ANCUR, Inc. – Enterprise Digital Architecture: MS Work Admin, WordPress Website, HubSpot, Social Leveraging
  • Chattacon (reboot) – (Full Scale Digital Strategy, WooCommerce, Sympose Conference7, AgileCRM)
  • Jason Black Design – Custom WordPress
  • Kingdom Expectations – (Full Scale Digital Strategy)
  • Sharp Love Productions (reboot) – (Realignment with rebranding; WooCommerce)

Zenful Creations Work 2021

Zenful Creations Work 2020

CSFF, Inc. – Chattanooga Speculative Fiction Fans, Inc. – (custom WordPress)

Jerawyn Integrative Health & Wellness – (internal programming repair to WP, restructure content mishaps from previous developers; red flag – write off bad business; project remains unpaid by client)

Kirksville Specialty Clinic – (WordPress)

London Legend – (WordPress)

Rural Women In Conversation – (custom WordPress)

Zenful Creations Work 2019

BSA Troop 224 – Chickamauga, GA – (custom WordPress)

Chattacon – (from Drupal to WordPress)

Cherokee Area Council VOA – (custom WordPress)

Crew 2024 – Chickamauga, GA – (custom WordPress)

Dive. Dive.. Dive… – (custom WordPress)

Freedom Tattoo, Inc. – (static to WordPress)

John Ross District BSA – (custom WordPress)

Lee’s Sugar Flower Cottage – (custom WordPress)

MBS Cares, Inc. – (WordPress)

Pack 3003, Fort Oglethorpe – (custom WordPress)

Stocking Full of Love (Walker County) – (custom WordPress)

Tyler Nicole – (custom WordPress)

TechTown Chattanooga – (internal programming repair to WP, restructure of WooCommerce and ACF, repair of Events Calendar)

Zenful Creations Work 2018

Christ First Church – (custom WordPress)

The Kingdom Connection – (custom WordPress)

Cornelia Chemical Supply – (custom WordPress)

Zenful Creations Work 2017

Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care/North Georgia Animal Alliance – (Organizational Structure/custom WordPress)

The Dating Initiative – (WP maintenance) – (custom WordPress)

Venue Church – (WP maintenance)

Warrior Bride Pictures – (custom WordPress)

Zenful Creations Work 2016

Premier Specialty Network – (custom WordPress)

Revenue Report Card – (custom WordPress)

Zenful Creations Work 2015

Mountain Lake, Inc. – (custom WordPress)

Tennessee River Gardens – (custom WordPress

Zenful Creations Work 2014

CSTHEA Esprit Newsletter – (formatting assistance)

Fort Oglethorpe Bargain Bin – (custom WordPress)

Jill’s Gym – (custom WordPress)

Zenful Creations Work 2013

Misfit Fansons – (custom Vanilla Forum)

Zenful Creations Work 2012

Dade County Chamber of Commerce – (website design & development)

Solar Art Group – (custom WordPress)

Young’s Lodge on the Chariton – (custom WordPress)

Zenful Creations Work 2011

Adventure Quest X – (custom WordPress)

Zenful Creations Work 2010

Blue Line Aerospace – (XHTML, CSS)

Casablanca Ocean Resort – (website maintenance)

Casablanca Superior Rentals – (website maintenance)

Defend Yourself, LLC – (web design & development)

On Target at Fox Mountain – (web design & development)

Reliable Benefits Group – (logo,  custom WordPress)

The Orange Smiley – (WordPress)

Unfurl – Design, XHMTL, CSS

Zenful Creations Work 2009

Distributors Outlet – (e-commerce website development – NO DESIGN)

Zenful Creations Work 2008

All Quality Heating & Air – (website design, development, SEO)

Isola Isabella –  (website design, development) – (website design, development)

Top Wedding Sites – (code)

Zenful Creations Work 2007

Arlie Davidson Catering – (WordPress)

Pandesa – (website design & development)

Peak22 – (website design & development)

ShareVault – (website design & development)

Sock Monkey Ministry – (website design & development)

WUUS 99.3 – 97.3 – 980am – (template design)

Zenful Creations Work 2006

BNI Success Express – Coral Springs –  (website design & WordPress development)

First Factory Inc. – (template design) – Jason Black – (custom WordPress) – (custom WordPress)

Natural Healing Now – (logo, website design & development) – (template & landing page design)

Steil Technologies – (logo, website design & development) – (website design & development)

Zenful Creations Work 2005

Amy Adele – (template)

Artisan Landscape Group – (template design)

Aquatic Adventures –  (website design & development)

Bernard Hopkins Official Website – (website design & development)

Classic Literature – (template+code)

Global Use – (template)

Habitat For Humanity – McKinney, TX – (template)

Infosymmetry – (template)

In Our Midst Ministries – (template+code)

Insurance Quotes Express – (code)

Lader Systems – (website design & development)

Look Within Collection – (website development)

Manhattan Locations – (website design & development)

Marco Polo Cruises – (website design & development)

Missy Collins – (template design)

Pound Interactive (coding)

Profitdesk – (website design & development)

September 11th Marriott Surviors – (website design & development)

Silver Basement – (coding)

Vacation Travel Brokers – (website design & development)

Zenful Creations Work 2004

ADJ Software – (eBay auction listing design)

Affilution – (landing page design, SEO)

Blue Ink Writing – (website design & development)

Buildium – (website design & development)

Center for STD/AIDS Awareness – (template) – (template)

Elona Sanders Ministries – (website design & development)

Imagination of Giomanach – (website design)

Maxim Life Trimazone – (website design)

Motorcycle Vacations of Florida – (website design & development)

Pet’s Lounge – (template design)

Sabio Digital – (website design & development)

Sell For One – (website design)

Tyler Nicole – (website design & development) – (2003) & (2005)

US Healthplan – (website design & development)

Web Photos Pro – (website design & development)

Zenful Creations Work 2003

Bowers Capitol Management – (code)

Floribbean Wholesale – (logo, website design & development)

Land Cellular – (website design & development)

Nikolas Kai – (website design & development)

Sea Specialties – (website design & development)

Wet Pleasures Dive Outfitters – (website design & development)

Zenful Creations Work 2002

Baylogic LLC  – (contracted web services)

Delicias Latinas – (ecommerce, en espanol) – (contracted newsletter design)

ProWeb Plus – (contracted web services)

Zenful Creations Work 2001

Apel International Travel – (website design) – (Weekly promotional service including search engine optimization and reciprocal linking…. Also page creation and retagging of site) [WebScope] – (HotelsTravel promotional service includes page creation and search engine optimization service)

Nouvie Comforts – (information architecture incl: promotional service including search engine optimization and reciprocal linking…. Also page creation and retagging of site) – (Promotional service including search engine optimization and reciprocal linking…. Also page creation and retagging of site.)

System Data Resource – (website design & development)

Vitcom – (website design)[/vc_column_text]

Zenful Creations Work 2000 – (website design & database administration) – (e-commerce, database administration)

Exposed Skincare  – (website design)

Zenful Creations Work 1999

Hotel Chelsea – (website design, development, SEO)

The Chesterfield Hotel –  (logo, website design, development, SEO) (website design)

Lily Guesthouse – (logo, website design, development, SEO)

The Mercury Hotel – (logo, website design, development, SEO)

Hotel Shelly – (logo, website design, development, SEO)

Safari Bar – (logo, website design, development, SEO)

Whitelaw Hotel – (website design, development, SEO)

Zenful Creations Work 1998

All Luxury Hotels – (logo, website design, development, SEO)

Art Deco Hotels – (logo, website design, development, SEO)

Florida Hotel Network – (website design, development, SEO)

South Beach Group Hotels  – (website design, development, SEO)

Zenful Creations Work 1997

Design Outpost – Until 2005, when the site closed, I was a Team designer and lead moderator for Palmer Barr (site creator); a forum style design contest

Hotel Reservations Network  – (landing page design & SEO)

Web Genius – (SEO)

Zenful Creations Work 1996 – (search database administration)

Cyber Networks – (search database administration) now (SEO)

WebScope – (SEO)

WebStreets – (The original “Web Design Services” portion of Cyber411…. has since been integrated into the “New C4″….. We have the original site and graphics as they were on disk)

Zenful Creations Work 1994

Massage on the Move – (website design, was hosted on

Other Projects through the years

DHF ID Design, 1500 Ocean Drive, Global Use Business Card Design, South Street Securities Brochure Design, South Street Securities ID Design, System Sum ID Design, BD Properties, Sabio Digital Logo Design, BD Properties, West Avenue Mortgage, Easley Chamber of Commerce, Effectus Media

Other Graphic Design: Freecycle Network, Dodge Talk Christmas Header, CMI (product design), Artisan Landscape Group