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Another Plagiarizer – Content Thieves

I am working on the new theme for my blog at Zenful Expressions, and thought I would look up a Zen Quote that I could use with a graphic. I decided to Google the word ‘zenful‘ (one I don’t check quite as often), and to my surprise (well, not really) up comes a Web Design company using the name “Zenful Web Design” (if that does not sound like leeching of a brand I sure don’t know what does). Anyway, I thought I would peruse the site a bit, checking out the work of a “zenful” competitor, and did not really see much that caught my eye… except the quote page.

It looked immediately familiar, and it was. It is mine.

Does this EVER end?

Quote page from Zenful Web Designs

This was taken from my worksheet resources, the Web Design Questionnaire, which is for MY clients, and is NOT Creative Commons (and is stated on the actual worksheets page). The offending page on their site is here:

I have emailed the only address I could get, which was in the source of the quote form, and their web host to alert them of the copyright infringement.

Heck, I “am” Zenful, but I am NOT THAT ZENFUL! Please stop taking my content people!


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  1. kathy

    I can understand the frustration with plagerism, when you have a good thing everyone wants it huh? Taking your name is not only tacky, but wouldn’t you have a case againt the company?

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