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February Design Updates

Last night I was up till 4am trying to put final tweaks, and content development for Natural Healing Solutions… still a few more things to

Web Standards Links

Links for Light Reading

One of the most useful resources in design for me is the Web Standards Group, and one of my favorite parts of being in the group is Russ Weakley’s occasional email titled “Links for Light Reading”… always very informative and interesting.

2006 Predictions for Web Design

Andy Budd gives his Web Design and Development Trends rundown filled with predictions to see more with more rounded corners, and muted color schemes in

Amy Adele goes Live!

It has been a very long time waiting for my Amy Adele design to go live, but on a whim I decided to take a

Top Ten Web Design Mistakes of 2005

Jakob Neilson’s Alertbox for Oct 3rd 2005 – 1. Legibility Problems 2. Non-Standard Links 3. Flash 4. Content That’s Not Written for the Web

iKarma - Online Reputation Management

iKarma reviewed by TechCrunch

The online reputation management service, iKarma, that I am the Creative Director for has been given a great review over at TechCrunch! Michael Arrington feels

Advertising Week 2005

I just returned home from a two day business trip to the Big Apple… I have been to New York several times, but this time