Advertising Week 2005

I just returned home from a two day business trip to the Big Apple… I have been to New York several times, but this time was so different… different that I did not like. There were days, many years ago, when I absolutely LOVED that city. The buzz, the movement… mostly the height! Gosh those buildings are SO tall (that is why it seems so “dark”) in Manhattan.

I actually spent time there for a few months, testing the waters, but ended up going back to Georgia. Never DISLIKED it though. Until this time. I stayed in Queens at a pretty shoddy hotel in comparison (thanks !!!!), had a mess of a flight – traffic was high due to Advertising Week 2005 – just all over…. taxing.

While the trip itself was a great success, I just cannot say I am a fan anymore… is there any place in this country more hectic — most people just don’t smile, and there is just too much of too much that it is hard to keep up at all.

Yes, it is proven. I AM a Florida Beach Bum. Wherever success may take me in this life, PLEASE just do not take me there – EEK!


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