Amy Adele goes Live!

It has been a very long time waiting for my Amy Adele design to go live, but on a whim I decided to take a look today.


My thoughts:

Amy Adele Website - Greeting Card Website Design

While I think the winter additions – the changes to Amy (holding the card), and the quick switch of grass to snow on the bottom is cute, I am not so fond of the tall presents on the navigation header for the front page.

There is an issue with the bottom left border and it does not look so good… I would have loved to see this design marked up to standards, but oh well 🙁 I can’t expect my designs to always get the best treatment, LOL.

I don’t like that the interface is not centered – and I feel that there should be some top margin since the interface is so short.

Neat add-in that the ladybug on the left moves down the page as you scroll on the inner pages – but probably would have looked better if the bug was not crawling backward…

In the end, though I am not a fan of some changes and the markup, I still love this design!


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