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Computer Programming Course on Khan Academy: What’s For Dinner

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Since I am an advocate of home education, I like my kids to use the resources that are available on the web to teach themselves what they want to know. Since Khan Academy is one of the greatest resources, I too have decided to dabble in a few courses.

I am just getting started in the Computer Programming Subject, and the first project in the course that is sharable is this one. I think it is neat to keep learning new things. I have been a developer for years, but never really delved into using JS to create drawings. So, now I am putting what I already know about programming into an arena I do not know well.

The program only included a simple plate, and it was up to me to put dinner on the plate using shapes like rect(), ellipse(), and triangle() to draw food on the plate and then use fill() and stroke() to color them.

It was fun! Here is my project:

Spin-off of “Project: What’s for Dinner?”

Made using: Khan Academy Computer Science


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