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Poker Run for Lewis Leach

It was more than I could have imagined! The poker run to benefit my Dad was a huge success… more than a hundred riders came out on Sunday to participate in the fundraiser for Daddy.

We started the day at Mac’s Pub – first bike out at noon, so we arrived early, around 11am. Lani and Andy showed up about 11:45. Lani rode with Waterbed, and Andy brought up the rear, driving his car behind our group. My first three cards stunk – I was NOT on my way to a winning poker hand!

Denny and I decided a few days earlier that we would make a special stop that was not part of the run at my Dad’s house (photo to left). We were joined by several of the Mechanized riders, and it was an emotional stop for all.

After that, we rode back over the ridge, past the accident spot where we all honked, waved and Lani, Andy and I bawled (we miss you Dad). Next stop, Hawg Wild.

Arriving at Hawg Wild we were met by most of the other people that took off at the same time as us – it was packed and many beers were flowing. My second draw was as horrid as the first – I think I was going for ‘worst hand’!

Lani took a few minutes to call Mom and give her the details on the turnout – she too was just thrilled that so many people were there to support Dad!

We all hopped back on to head to the next stop… SCV Headquarters in Trenton. It was such a perfect day for riding! Not a rain cloud in sight, and leading the pack for my Dad. Trenton was again packed with supporters for both Dad and the SCV – lots of items were sold, and tons of laughs were shared. Dad’s colors hung above the sale items table – his presence was felt by all. Elaine (Dad’s fiancee) dealt me out the next round… finally some better cards, but still nothing to jump for joy over.

Andy took over my camera at this point, and off we went to the next stop – the VFW in Brainerd. He took some shots from the back as we headed back through the mountains to town.

The VFW hosted a full house of supporters, and great music too! Regina and Sheila were the dealers here – I was sure to get some great cards this round… not, LOL! Definately not a poker day for me.

On to the last stop we went – back to Mac’s where it was standing room only – Got my last set of cards from Alan, and threw in the towel. My hands stunk! Last bike arrived in at 5pm, and it was time to start the auction!

Tons of items were donated for the cause, and it took over three hours to auction all off – Denny and I got some vases, a hammock, and Daddy’s favorite cookies, made by Elaine of course 🙂

You can see all of the photos on my Flickr – it was a great great day!


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  1. ALAN

    Hey Lori,
    Sorry about the cards,but YOU picked them!!!I just want you to know I had a great time and met some very interesting people.LOL.I`ve looked at the pics(including the ones you got from me).I think the one of me is hideous,but that`s how it goes!See you soon.

  2. Denny

    I enjoyed every minute. Wonderful description and pictures of the ride. Your Dad will be very proud of you when he wakes up.

    I am proud of you.

    Love you Baby,


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