Time Waster: Holiday Lights

I was going through Digg this morning, reading and digging away, and came across a really cool site that I thought I would blog about.

I love Christmas – I love Christmas lights! I can’t get enough of them, and my kids love them too. From the start of December, on through the month, the children and I travel around the neighborhoods by bicycle oooohing and ahhing at all the pretty sights!

Well, Bronner’s, a Christmas store in Michigan has created “My Christmas Wonderland” – you can enjoy lights from all over the world! My kids love it and I do too!

Check it out at http://christmas.bronners.com (no longer ative, awe!)

While I was there I came across this one particular house that had a URL in it’s name. I went to the website that was listed and boy what a treat that is – too much fun! The guy that has this site is using webcams, and internet controlled lights (yes, YOU can control the lights and more) to try to raise money for his two boys who have Celiac Disease. This one was too much fun to not share, so check it out yourself – but don’t mess with the Hulk 🙂


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