Fresh and Clean on a whim…

I have been tossing around the idea of putting a new design up for Zenful Creations, my design portfolio, since the last CSS Reboot, but that great idea got 86’ed due to time constraints and Hurricane Wilma (what a time that was)!

After missing Adam’s event, I was bummed, so threw it on the back burner until around Christmas. I got that urge to re-align again, so I settled down into Photoshop to try to get something going for the next Reboot event.

As is my normal practice, I head off to to stock photography websites, this time, to peruse the keyword of “Zen” and see what inspirations await me. I took an immediate liking to a photo captured by a photographer there named Cecilia Lim and her photo titled “Simple Relaxation” – a shot of the single Frangipani flower, with a rock and the incense.

As soon as I saw this photo, my mind went in a million different directions, I designed FrangipaniZen, and then marked it up; I themed WordPress2.0 with it, and only had the “portfolio section” left to implement. I thought I was almost ready. Then after all that work, I decided I did not want to use it for the main site. I hate it when that happens!

So, since I still LOVE the photo, but just not enough for the main page, I have made a few adjustments to the original WordPress theme, and here it now lives, unwasted at least 🙂


The analytical mind behind Zenful Creations. Responsible for all the bells and whistles; dedicates most of her time to breaking stuff, finding bugs and never spending enough time fixing things.

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  1. Cat

    I just want to leave a comment to say that your new design is absolutely beautiful. Quiet, soft, clean and crisp all at the some time.

    megga …


  2. Lori

    Thank you so much Cat for saying something about the design. I have not had anyone else let me know their thoughts on this look… mostly because it does not get as much attention as other areas of my site, and I have not drawn any attention to it with new posts.

    When I can ever get some free time for personal projects, I think I want to enhance the comments area only slightly, and the quotes as well. I would like to make use of the Frangipani flower; maybe as the slightest hint of a background area or something.

    *ramble ramble*

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