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My Content is a Target For Plagarism!


I am getting a bit more aggro every day that my content turns up on someone else’s website! Since this is such a regular occurrence, from now on EACH and EVERY site that rips anything from the pages of Zenful Creations, will have their theft known and a moment of shame here on my blog.

DATE FOUND: February 26th, 2008
COMPANY: Moon Viper Web Services
OWNER: Eric Wood –

Stolen Content:

Eric Wood at Moon Viper Web services has stolen content from my website and is reproducing it as his own. He completely ripped apart my Site Planning worksheet, and used it to create many pages of content:

Page Layout

Eric took my stock photo list, and even the little ‘new’ icons:

He also took resource pages (not sure of exactly how many yet):
Best Colors which is the exact wording from this page on my site

I have emailed a cease and desist order, and am prepared to contact GoDaddy, his host, and the registrar in the event he does not comply.

I am honestly flattered at the desire to use the content but come on friends – if you are going to rip, at least give the credit so we can all reap.


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  1. Jason Black

    This is just amazing. I’ll never understand why people just can’t come up their own ideas. Does’t say much for him and what he must be giving to his clients. I feel bad for them.

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