openDESIGN Project

Take up the openDESIGN Challenge and submit your ideas and your designs will then be displayed on a gallery page together with our version, where the online community and a jury will vote for weekly winners.

The overall winner will be determined by a popular vote and will receive $10,000 in prize money!

We will work together with the winner to integrate his or her design into the re-launched site, meaning that millions of users will benefit from their design ideas on a daily basis.

Interested in taking up the challenge?

  • Download the openDESIGN Brief
  • Take a look at the Galleries
  • Submit your ideas
  • If you aren’t an openBC member yet, sign up using this link and test-drive all premium features for one month for free. After this month you will receive basic membership for free if you don’t want to remain a premium member.


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