Design Projects – January 2007

I am making myself a list of the projects that I want to complete this month. These are my personal projects, and not related to any clients:

1. – Update Gallery. Change current gallery format to Flickr fed galleries.

2. – FULL REDESIGN. (This site is so old). Create new design, nix tables for standards, Change current gallery format to Flickr fed galleries, WordPress + theming

3. – FULL NEW DESIGN – black/grey/pink theme; WordPress + theming, Galleries from Flickr, two sided admin for storage of links/important for Lori/Denny.

4. – COMPLETE – tweak front page PHP/CSS to display longer posts (will need to change flower on right to flow down page for longer content). With this fix, completing interior page should be part done already; style comment boxes.

5. – Get with Mom & Lani for page content, and product descriptions, prices; WordPress + theme; Flickr Gallery to run photos; PayPal or ZenCart for sales.

6. – Get with Jen/Lani to see if this site should be continued or pulled

7. – Complete design/wordpress integration

8. – Re-theme with zenful design


The analytical mind behind Zenful Creations. Responsible for all the bells and whistles; dedicates most of her time to breaking stuff, finding bugs and never spending enough time fixing things.

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