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Blog Design Contest – Show Off Your Style

By now, millions of designers know the CSS ZenGarden and its WordPress Theme method – standardized markup, and different styles applied. Working on a Zen Garden design and being accepted is a great feat and a reward for hard work.

Six Apart and its sponsors, want to say thank you to the standard-compliant designing blogger so they created The Style Contest. It is a project to give the design community the opportunity to contribute to the quality of blogging tools and the user experience.

If you are familiar with web standards and “theming” you should check it out.

There are some sweet prizes and it will be very good exposure for the designers. Participants do not need to have anything more than a text editor and a browser to participate, and there are files ready for download to get you started.

Parker has already designed and submitted it, and I think I will work on something too!


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  1. Ed Kohler

    This should be a fun contest. I’d like to see more variety and personality in blogs. Nothing crazy, but at least something a bit beyond a default theme that reflects the personality of the blogger and/or content of the site.

  2. Lori

    I agree. I really hope that there is a ton of buzz generated on this one, and that we really get to see some creative results!

    Thanks for your comments! I love your blog – super writing, great resource for ideas!

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