It has been a long time coming… that is for sure.

Zenful WordPress Template Design

I designed this look for my Zenful Expressions blog more than a year ago… I even coded most of it into the theme at the same time, but just never finalized it or took the time to repair the quirks that I found.

Well, today I just got a wild hair and finished it. Up to now I had been using the theme Sakura 1.5 by area381, and it did fine for me. It was pretty. It was zenful. That was until I wanted to really USE it. I needed to add some social links, and they looked horrible in the post. I got in the themes folder to play around and noted remembered the Zenful Expressions theme I already made. So rather than tinkering further with someone else’s work, I just did my own.

Finally, right? Now, tell me what you think of it.

Custom WordPress Theme for Zenful Expressions

Custom theme including planning, implementation, compatibility resolution with other needed tools, code that is light, clean.
Design date: January 13, 2011

Project Goals

WordPress Custom Theme and Programming


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