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5 Tips For A Beginning Blogger

I was just checking my stats and noticed something that I had not ever seen before… there are actually people stumbling onto this blog, and spending more than 30 seconds. I guess that means you are reading? I assumed I was just writing things here, and that would just be that. I guess I did not ever think what I had to say was as intriguing as it is turning out to be.

So I guess since you are reading, and I always have something to say, I will just have to become a better blogger 🙂

Now, I have already taken care of the first few steps of blogging, which is:

  1. Choose a theme for the blog: In this blog, I will be talking about website design, development, css, xhtml, and my designs.
  2. Choose your blog software: I love WordPress. It to me is the simplest, yet most complete Blogging platform, so this is what my blog runs on.
  3. Theme your blog: Now, this step is not imperative but it does add a more personal touch. You can grab a theme for free from so many places online, but I will just point to the WordPress Theme Viewer, as it has more than you could ever get through, so you are bound to find one that works.
  4. Write your first post: With all of the main setup out of the way, you can now start writing. Try to keep on topic with what you blog. If you decided your blog would be about ‘dogs’ don’t blog about boats. Start a new blog for that 🙂
  5. Interact: Now that you have started the process of getting your voice out, and online, make sure you interact with anyone who comes and wants to discuss what you have written.

Finally, don’t kick yourself around trying to overthink your blog. Start small, and you will grow. The more you write in your blog, the better you will get at it.


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