Rebooting the BBC – a design competition

The BBC has made the announcement of a ‘reboot competition’ for people to design redesign the homepage called Hoping to shed a little 2.0 on the BBC, they have created an open opportunity for designers all over the world to participate, and get seen.

BBC New Media & Technology today announces a competition to re-design and re-imagine the home page in the Web 2.0 world sildenafil generico.

The competition ( asks individuals not only to re-design the homepage, but also to take it back to the drawing board so that it exploits the functionality and usability of services such as Flickr, YouTube, Technorati and Wikipedia.

Entrants will also need to think about how their design will help future users of the site find their way through millions of pages of content, as well as being able to play and navigate hundreds of hours of BBC Television and Radio.
from: BBC Website

The competition will be held until May 25th.


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