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So this is what it is all about, eh.

The Blog.

Well, I have one now – suppose I better write some goodies in here every now and again. I expect I will mostly fill it with resources for web standards, and neat things I find. Better than bookmarks (since I have about three zillion of those).

As you can see with my new blog, I have also freshened up the site – not that I feel it was bad before (and clients tend to like it), but I dunno – just felt like a facelift. The old Zenful Creations is still accessible via that little purple dot down in the footer. I think I am going to do a few different styles – it is a good test for me and my ability to adhere to standards while practicing my design skills.

Don’t mind the mess of style on the blog – I am working on that part now.

Next stop: CSS ZenGarden.

This is my next project — I have done a great deal of planning thus far, and think I am ready to delve in to a design for submission to Dave! Keep looking for that 🙂


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