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Is Zenful Creations Ready for this recognition?

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Well, that is debatable! There are so many areas that I am not quite finished with yet (the templates, resources, and site map) but my site is usable, and what is left to integrate into the new design is not imperative in getting my point across I guess…

I submitted my design this morning to w3csites, after following a thread on the WSG list. I thought I would give it a go, though there are still the aforementioned pages to complete… not even five minutes later, Sean had me on the front page (thanks Sean) so I guess that means someone else (other than me) must like my new design – that rocks 🙂

So, he plugged me… my turn to plug back. If you have not yet checked out w3csites, go have a look – It is a nice collection of standards-compliant web sites and the persons responsible for the design.


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