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These are the top questions we get from new and perspective clients. Please feel free to email with any further questions.

What is hosting?

To have your web site on the Internet, it needs to be on a "server" computer that is always connected to the Internet--it serves web sites to the visitors. For small companies, it's too costly to maintain a server, so they rent space on a server at a hosting company. Hosting prices start at $7/month. See more on hosting options here.

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How much does a web site cost?
Of course, it varies. The simplest sites can run as low as $200. More typically, a small-business web design costs about $600-$900, custom designs run $1000-3000, and complicated, database driven web sites can run from $2000-$10,000 and even higher. It all depends on the complexity of the project. For more information, see our Pricing Page.

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Can I update my web site myself?
If the updates are simple, somebody with reasonable computer skills can make changes to a web site. It depends on the complexity of the site, the type of updates and the computer skills of the individual. With minimal training and the right software, a confident computer user can update text on web pages. Complex sites or changes to links and graphics take more care, but can still be done. The more complicated the change, the more computer experience is required.

We always provide our hosting clients with the passwords they need to access their sites and make changes. We also provide the training if needed.

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How long will it take to complete the web site?
There's a lot of variation in the time required. Generally, most sites take 14-30 days depending on the work load at the time. Simple sites can take less time and complicated sites can take more time.

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What's a database driven site?
A typical web page is a lot like a word processing file—the information typed on the page is displayed to the reader. On the other hand, a database driven site reads from a database to display information to users. A layout page is created, and programming is put on the page to

A database driven page is useful for:

  • getting detailed or complex information from users
  • sorting and displaying only the information a visitor wants
  • displaying information from a large database
  • complicated or difficult-to-organize content
  • e-commerce and catalog sites
  • allowing users to posts events, comments and other information directly on the web site

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