Resources: Design Forms & Worksheets

I want to make working with Zenful Creations as easy as possible. To facilitate this, I have made our worksheets and contracts available on-line. Before you telephone me to finalize a deal, why don’t you print out the appropriate forms and have them ready?

For those of you who have stumbled across this very popular resource page, I offer you the ability to use my contracts and worksheets as a ‘base’ for your own.


  • Print these forms and worksheets.
  • Use them as a ‘base’ to create your own.
  • Link to these forms and worksheets from your own site.


  • Copy and place these forms and worksheets on YOUR site; they are property of Zenful Creations.
  • Create PDF files with your company name/logo, and display these as your forms and worksheets.
  • Link to these forms and worksheets from your site without proper link credit given to Zenful Creations.
Design Questionnaires
Website Design Questionnaire
Logo Design Questionnaire
Web Site Planning
Website Planning Worksheet
Website Content Worksheet
Design & Maintenance Contracts
Website Design Contract
Website Maintenance Agreement