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You're probably on this page because you've got yourself in a real pickle with your computer. Perhaps you're at your wit's end. Perhaps you just need a push in the right direction. Or perhaps you're just like to have someone personally help you. Ok, take a deep breath. Think of bunnies playing in the sunshine. Ok, now, read on:

Here are some ideas that can help you:

1) You may have Malware/Spyware/Adware.
We offer's tech support service over the web. Click here to find out more.

2) If you have a virus.
Update your virus signatures first by going to your anti-virus program maker's home page or there may be a function inside the program to do that automatically, look for an update button.

This is free if your anti-virus program is less than a year old or if you have renewed you subscription within the last year. If it's older, you need to pay an annual subscription fee (usually under $10 US) to enable the download of new signatures files as they are released. Once this is done your anti-virus program will fix any viruses on your system.

3) Get software to fix the problem.
Get a copy of Norton Utilities. This is a program that will detect problems on your computer and automatically fix them. Buy it at your local computer store or click here to download it now. Or buy SystemWorks which includes Norton AntiVirus, Norton Utilities and more. Click here to order it on-line.

4) If your machine is too slow and crashes a lot.
If you have upgraded from Windows 95 to Windows 98 or from Windows 98 to Windows Me then your computer will run slower and crash more frequently. If your machine is older and you are using a lot of newer programs, then your machine will also slow and crash more frequently. The best way to remedy the problem is it upgrade your computer memory. See our RAM Upgrade Guide to learn out how to add memory or check out which memory you should buy on the Crucial.com Web site.

6) Get us to help you by e-mail
We also provide a free service to help people in need via email. We do not offer free advice for reinstalling Windows and reformating your hard drive.

That said, this advice we offer is a public service that we do during our regular day jobs. We look at all the questions via e-mail and ask around. If we have an answer we'll respond. Perhaps right away. Perhaps in a few days. Perhaps not at all, though we do try to get to as many problems as possible. Read through our queries page to understand what info we need and send us an e-mail to er-services@zenfulcreaions.com.

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