Design Portfolio: Full Project Listing

Standard Compliant Designs
Aquatic Adventures - April 2005
Buildium - September 2004
Classic Literature - January 2005
Global Use - February 2005
Infosymmetry - August 2005
In Our Midst Ministries - January 2005
Lader Systems - February 2005
Marco Polo Cruises - January 2005
Missy Collins - June 2005
Pandesa - October 2007
Peak22 - September 2007
Profitdesk - January 2005
ShareVault - October 2007
Tyler Nicole - August 20004
Vacation Travel Brokers - April 2005
Web Photos Pro - September 2004
WUUS 99.3 - 97.3 - 980am - October 2007
XHTML - CSS-p Coding Only
Pound Interactive
Insurance Quotes Express - May 2005
Silver Basement - August 2005
Other Design/Coding
Bowers Capitol Management - formatting
Top Wedding Sites - form formatting w/ CSS
Top Wedding Sites - Advertising Tour
Template ONLY Design
Amy Adele
Artisan Landscape Group
Print Design
DHF ID Design
1500 Ocean Drive
Global Use Business Card Design
South Street Securities Brochure Design
South Street Securities ID Design
System Sum ID Design
BD Properties
Table Based Designs
System Data Resource
Sabio Digital
Nikolas Kai
Blue Ink Writing
Land Cellular
September 11th Marriott Surviors
Sea Specialties
Motorcycle Vacations of Florida
Elona Sanders Ministries
Center for STD/AIDS Awareness
Florida Hotel Network
All Luxury Hotels
Logo Design
Floribbean Wholesale
Natural Healing
Steil Technologies
Sabio Digital
BD Properties
Sabio Digital
West Avenue Mortgage
Easley Chamber of Commerce
Art Deco Hotels
Effectus Media
Other Graphic Design
Freecycle Network
Dodge Talk Christmas Header
Club Getaway
Singles Cruise
Work no longer Online (check the wayback)
First Factory Inc. (website design & database administration) (website design & database administration)
Exposed Skincare (website design)
Sell For One (website design) (SEO)
Apel International Travel (website design)
Wet Pleasures Dive Outfitters (website design)
Hotel Reservations Network (website design & SEO)
South Beach Group Hotels (website design)
The Chesterfield Hotel (website design)
Whitelaw Hotel (website design)
Lily Guesthouse (website design)
The Mercury Hotel (website design)
Hotel Shelly (website design)
Hotel Chelsea (website design)
Maxim Life Trimazone (website design)
ADJ Software (eBay auction listing design)
Nouvie Comforts (information architecture)
Delicias Latinas (website design)
CMI (product design)
WebScope (SEO)
Imagination of Giomanach (website design)
Cyber Networks (website design & database administration)
Baylogic LLC (website design)
ProWeb Plus (website design)
Web Genius (SEO)
Vitcom (website design)