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Elance - Bid on web design projects at Elance.
AceHosts - Get hosted for less than $10 per month. Browse through this web hosting directory. Web Hosting - Host 6 web sites for only $14.95/month.
Our Charity
Cooley's Anemia - Please learn more about this inherited blood disorder. Many young adults and children suffer from this chronic illness. Donations are always welcome to help patients and to find a cure, but awareness is also very important. Thank you. - Angela

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Design Firm Directories
edezines, elance, the firm list, econstructors, designer's network

Web Design Sites
howdesign, scene360, netdiver, pixelsurgeon, kaliber10000, surfstation, halfproject, f512, liminalresponse,, dik, australian in front,, threeoh, coolhomepages, curb-control, wowwebdesigns, favouritewebsiteawards, design interact, Ultrashock, Mediainspiration

Stock Photography
corbis,, photoalto, thinkstock, picturequest, gettyimages

Flash Resources
flashkit, virtual-fx, flazoom, macromedia, flashchallenge, flashforward

Developer Resources
acehosts, elance, infopop, webmonkey,, sitepoint, it toolbox,, websitegoodies, web design

Learning Books, Software, and Classes
learnITsoftware, adobe photoshop books, html books, interface design books, web design books, flash books, dreamweaver books, graphic design books, color usage books, typography books, photography books

Web Publishing Software
For beginners: coffeecup, frontpage
For experts: flash, dreamweaver, adobe golive, homesite, ultradev

E-Commerce Software
e-commerce exchange, tta superstores, cardservice international

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